1995 Founded as a small workshop in Gedikpaşa in İstanbul. Karar Ayakkabi today in İkitelli that the decision Shoe factory with an annual production capacity of 350 000 couples in domestic and overseas markets continued service.
Luciano BELLINI brand of our company in a very short time period between the world's leading brands into the stores has been replaced. To meet the needs of today's modern men's sports and classic models, with collections that are renewed leadership in the sector continues.
Decision Shoe quality and service with the understanding of customers, employees, business partners and the country to be the best one to achieve the principle of an institution olmuştur.Ayak health of his large investments in R & D and production technology that people new to the production is continuing.
Luciano BELLINI 'stylish, high quality and reasonable price "with genuine leather products and using natural products is the assurance of comfort and quality.
Luciano BELLINI 's existence, purpose and quality fashion, combining the best way, is to reach all customers at affordable prices.
Without sacrificing quality is a desire to be a shoe brand.
Our values
  • Customer Focus
  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Creativity
  • Excellence

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